Your living room is the heart of your home and the way you decorate it speaks to your sense of style. You need not necessarily spend much on your room decor, but you can definitely spice it up with some basic elements.  Choosing things that are just perfect for your home can be daunting for some. In a hunt for trendy and sophisticated items, people tend to forget the basic elements.


A sofa is the first thing you notice when you enter a living room. Everyone loves to relax on a sofa. However, over the past few years, a sofa has become a luxury rather than a need. Besides serving as useful furniture, sofas contribute to the look of a room. These days, people prefer buying modern, uniquely designed sofas rather than traditional ones. However, whether traditional, contemporary, sectional, or split, a sofa should bring comfort and style to your living area.

TV Stand

TV is the focal point of a living room. It adds aesthetic value to the room and eliminates boredom. Modern TV stands come in various sizes, designs and shapes to spice up the area where you have placed your TV. TV stands often come with space for the storage of things like CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a necessary compliment to any modern sofa set. A coffee table not only serves the basic purpose of accommodating cups and trays, it also enhances the beauty of a space. There are many coffee table designs that blend well with all sofa designs and home decor types.



Chairs are essential pieces of furniture for any household. Besides a plush sofa, you should keep some chic-looking chairs in your living room. Chairs need not be strictly traditional in design. You can opt for a bean bag, rocking chair, easy chair, or even a folding chair. You can mix different colors and design types too. Chairs add extra seating to your space and blend seamlessly with other home decor items.

Whether it is your home or office, one thing that is everywhere evident is your furniture. In order for your home and office to look great, you should choose the best ranges of furniture to compliment your spaces.