Let’s face it, Easter seems like sort of an afterthought this year with the given state of the stores and supermarkets. Kids and families are cooped up and looking for creative ways to keep upbeat and entertained. We are taking a different approach this year focusing on health, wellness, and family-friendly fun. With many different personalities in one household, we have custom Easter basket ideas to cater to all members of the family. From Game night to Spa Nights, we are focusing on Mind, Body, & Soul this year rather than the traditional candy and eggs. Creating Easter Baskets can either be really personal or you can create a more group-friendly option and pick a theme that will create long-lasting memories with your loved ones! 

1. Ditch the basket all together! – If you are creating an Easter basket for a younger child or toddler, we are taking a fresh approach on Easter with functional storage or decorations that will be a fun playroom addition for the kids. Rather than purchasing a bucket or a basket that will not be used year-round, think of using other options like a play tent or something to decorate the playroom with. This year, we are using Critter Sitters Bunnies for our Easter baskets filled with small items like clothes and a few goodies to celebrate. 

2. Sports/outdoor Themed- This is the perfect basket idea for your sports or outdoor enthusiast. Kids are cooped up indoors all winter and are looking forward to being outside to hang out with their friends and family. This is the perfect time to introduce new activities that will have them looking forward to the warm weather. Many stores are bringing out all of the spring and summer sports gear from soccer to basketball. By creating an outdoor-themed basket, you are taking a fresh approach on the holiday and introducing some family-friendly activities. You can even elevate the basket by including clothes or gear from their favorite sports team! 

3. Spa Themed – We guarantee a spa day basket will be used on any given night or rainy day when you are looking to kill some time with the kids. This is the perfect idea for the spa lover who cannot escape to the spa this season for a little pampering! A spa-themed gift basket is a perfect way to treat your loved one to a relaxing day that will keep them entertained for hours to come! Spa themed gift baskets can be fairly inexpensive and last multiple uses! Face Masks with funny animal faces on them, Mud masks, nail polish, body wash, and lotions are the perfect way to gift relaxation for Easter. For the older kids, deodorant, dry shampoo, and scrunchies and clips are also a fun touch that will please even the teenagers! 

4. Game Night Themed – Since most have been stuck indoors lately, it is time to have a family game night with all different types of options to choose from! We are imagining how fun an Easter game night could be this year with family and friends. Rather than giving out individual baskets for each child, why not give out different board games or card games to initiate a family fun game night. Including various games like trivia, cards, or board games are setting up the family fun for many nights to come. Looking for something more time-consuming? Books & puzzles are a long-lasting activity that can last a few weeks if you get a larger size! Family-friendly games are easy to locate online and will guarantee laughs around the couch! Adding in snacks or a takeout gift card can add some extra fun to the basket and create a whole night of food and fun! To check out 2020’s top board games, click here

5. Baking Themed – This is perfect for all of the food enthusiast out there who are spending time indoors cooking up a storm! The cook or baker will love a basket that will be the gift that keeps on giving. Creating a food-themed basket is the perfect way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them without the candy and jelly beans. Whether it is a “pasta night” with pasta and sauce mix or “cookie night” with an oven mitt and cookie mix, you can say Happy Easter with a fun theme basket of goodies! Tip: include various cooking items such as cooking utensils along with a recipe and all the ingredients to have a fun activity that the whole family can join in on!