Your backyard is a sacred place, one where you’d like to close your eyes and imagine you’re in paradise. Now more than ever, we are spending time at home and most of our summer plans have been canceled. But don’t fear, summer isn’t a lost cause. There is still fun to be had and plenty of ways to relax and forget about your troubles. Maybe you can’t go to a faraway paradise this year, but your backyard can become your very own vacation spot with these great design tips!

1.Get yourself a great place to layout and relax

Nothing says relaxing like laying out, getting a tan, and listening to some tunes. A chaise lounge or even an outdoor sectional provide your outdoor living space with the comfort of your inside den! There’s no better way to relax than to kick back, close your eyes, and pretend you’re on an island of your choice. Take some time to chill, but make sure you wear sunscreen! Here’s links to some great options we offer:

2.Chill by the bar

Whether it’s margaritas or mocktails, mixing up some tropical drinks is a great way to get yourself into vacation mode. Putting a small bar outside will make it feel like you’re at a resort, but if you don’t want to invest in one, and you don’t live alone, having your significant other bring you your drink of choice from the kitchen is another great way to make sure you get to stay relaxed…let them do you a favor, you deserve it! Here is a great place to go for some summer drink inspo:

3.Feel the rhythm

Picture this: you step off a boat or plane and you’ve just landed on a tropical island. Someone greets you, maybe takes your luggage, and hands you a drink while the warm, tropical sun beats on your face. Shades are on, flip-flops are flipping. What’s missing from that imagery? The answer is music. Maybe some light, flowy, tropical music that reassures you, you’ve just begun vacation. It’s super easy to find cheap, decent Bluetooth speakers so if you don’t already have one, now might be the time to invest. Look up some steel drum music if you’re going for a Caribbean vibe or just listen to whatever songs you love that make you feel like summer is here and it’s time for vacation. If you have a favorite summer playlist, share it with the community and tag us on social! We want to see what you’re listening to.

4.Get in tune with mother nature

Nothing says tropical like plants! And with less activities to do this year, it’s the perfect time to work on your green thumb. Some plants that do well in the summer are succulents and tropical plants. If you’re really trying to make your backyard look like a vacation spot, Monstera, and Palm plants are the perfect choices to make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Here is where you can get a nice, summery plant, delivered right to your house: make sure you’re letting your plant flourish in the right environment.

5.Outdoor Activities

So you’ve gotten your backyard all ready for summer and now you never want to leave it. But you have to have some entertainment eventually, right? We’ve got you covered. Want to feel like your backyard is your own personal cruise ship? Adding access to outdoor games you can play with your family are a great way to have fun and stay home this summer. Outdoor shuffleboard and a DIY golf green are awesome games you can play with the family.How about an outdoor movie night? Whether you project a film onto the side of your house or just put a TV outside, gathering around your outdoor sectional or lounges and putting on a family favorite is such a great way to end the evening. Check out this awesome pinterest board with really great outdoor movie night ideas. family will love it! No evening has to be dull when you have activities that suit everyone! And when you are able to host people again, these will be a huge hit with your guests!

These are just some ideas of how you can make your backyard into a “getaway” spot this summer. We know times are tough and you want to be able to have the feeling of being on a wonderful vacation, so if you take any of these tips, we hope you enjoy them! Hey, maybe it will just feel like you’re on vacation all summer long right? If you use any of these tips be sure to tag us @hanoverproducts so we can see how you’re turning this summer into the ultimate stay-cation.