When purchasing new items for your home, there are always a number of factors to consider, whether you’re looking at a new oven or an outdoor fireplace. You want to find the product that best suits your lifestyle and your sensibilities.

Mattresses are a particularly important purchase because they affect your quality of sleep. Here are just a few factors to consider before buying a new mattress.

1. Size

The size of mattress you purchase will depend on two things: personal preference and available space. For the latter, simply take measurements before you go shopping to ensure the mattress you buy will not only fit in your room, but through your doors, hallways, and staircases. As for personal preference, you may have to split the decision with a partner, in which case comparison shopping together is a must.

2. Features

Whether you’re purchasing an outdoor table and chairs or a new sofa for your living room, there are certain features you’re probably looking for, such as size, style, color, and so on. Your mattress purchase is no different.

Although the appearance is not as important since your mattress will be covered by sheets and blankets, you almost certainly have other preferences in mind. Important features could include materials (coils versus foam, for example), organic textiles, and extras like mechanics (sleep number technology or the ability to elevate a portion of the mattress).

3. Price

This is always a consideration when purchasing new furniture. Just as is the case with most options for outdoor sectional seating sets, different brands and products provide a wide range of price points and you can always wait for sales to find the mattress you want at a price you can afford.

4. Warranty

Some mattresses come with manufacturer warranties to safeguard against defects. Make sure you ask whether or not a warranty is included and that you understand what is covered under the warranty before you buy.

5. Comfort

The biggest concern with furniture purchases is function in most cases, but whether you’re buying modern outdoor furniture or a new bed, comfort is also important. Since the quality of your sleep can affect your entire day, it is especially important to purchase a comfortable mattress.

Just keep in mind that even people who like a firm mattress for five minutes in the store might not be quite as enthusiastic when they have to spend eight hours a night on it. You should always err on the side of softness.