When you’re looking for bedroom furniture, your criteria are going to be somewhat different than, say, selecting the best outdoor furniture. The same is true of picking out living room or dining room furniture. This is because both the usage and the environment are different.

For example, whereas you might want waterproof outdoor furniture, this certainly isn’t a factor when selecting your bedroom set. On the other hand, you’re going to use bedroom furniture daily, whereas the Hanover outdoor furniture you buy may only see periodic or seasonal use.

Either way, durability and function are key factors to consider. But which features should you focus on specifically when it comes to choosing the bed, dressers, and side tables that will complete your bedroom setup? How can you choose the set that best suits your wants and needs? Here are a few important factors to consider before you buy.

1. Dimensions

If you have a large backyard, you could probably select any pieces you like at an outdoor furniture sale without the fear that you’ll have trouble making it fit. The only problem you might encounter is if you have limited deck or patio space where you prefer to place your Hanover products.

When picking indoor furniture, however, dimensions are of supreme importance. The pieces you select not only have to fit in your bedroom, but you also have to make sure you can arrange them in a way that doesn’t feel forced or cramped.

In addition, the furniture you choose will have to fit through all the doorways, hallways, and staircases leading to your bedroom. Take measurements beforehand and bring them with you when shopping so that you don’t end up with furniture that can’t make it through the front door.

2. Materials

The best indoor and the best outdoor furniture will have very different materials. While waterproof outdoor furniture that can hold up to the elements is preferable, you’ll probably opt for indoor furniture that features materials with properties more suited to an indoor environment.

Such materials could include wood, metal, plastic, or even glass finishes, depending on current styles and your preferences. However, you need to keep both practical and aesthetic concerns in mind.

For example, you may love the look of mirrored dresser drawers and nightstands, but keeping them clean and smudge-free is going to be a nightmare. As for your bed frame, you’ll definitely want something sturdy. Both metal and solid wood could fit the bill, so at some point your personal aesthetic will help you to decide.

3. Style

When it comes to furniture style, there are two things to consider: the style of your home and your personal style. You should take both into account, just as you did when selecting your Hanover outdoor furniture.

Of course, very few people are likely to see your bedroom furniture, whereas your Hanover products are always on full display for company. What does this mean? While you might place more emphasis on choosing furniture that fits your architecture when you know it will be seen and judged, you have more latitude to explore your personal taste when it comes to a bedroom set that few will lay eyes on.

4. Function

Above all else, the bedroom set you select must be functional, and this means trying things before you buy. If drawers are off their track in the showroom and bed frames squeak, don’t expect such problems to disappear when you get your furniture home.

Reading consumer reviews will only get you so far. At some point you need to get your hands on furniture to make sure it functions the way you want it to. If you plan to order online, just make sure you understand the return policy.

5. Cost

Sure you can save some dough by getting your entire bedroom set at IKEA, but if you’re interested in durability, paying a little more could be in order. In truth, you can find furniture that is both affordable and long-lasting.

Just as you might wait for an off-season, outdoor furniture sale to snag great deals on the lounge pieces to fill out your outdoor entertaining space, you can wait for sales to get deals on the indoor furnishings you prefer. Cost is important, but longevity and use value are reason enough to spend a bit more.