5 Tips for a Productive Work-From-Home Office 

With the massive increase in people working at home, the question of productivity seems to be at the top of everyone’s mind. With increased distractions at home and the stress of remote work, it’s important to maintain a healthy and productive environment throughout your work day. Without further ado, here are our five best tips for optimizing your productivity in your work-from-home space. 

1. Keep Your Workspace Neat and Tidy 

When creating an effective work environment at home, it’s important to ensure that your space remains neat and organized. By minimizing clutter on your desk, you’ll have no issue locating important items and papers and maintaining a stress-free workspace. By limiting yourself to your computer, papers, pens, and a few decorative desk pieces, you’ll create a tidy, office-like environment in the comfort of your home. \

If you find yourself struggling to maintain an organized workspace, we recommend investing in a desk with built-in storage. With our Lille Mango Wood and Iron Desk, you’ll enjoy convenient storage drawers that keep your supplies handy while creating a tidy work environment. 

Lille Mango Wood & Iron Desk
And if you’re looking for additional organizational tips, we recommend investing in a weekly calendar to keep track of meetings and important tasks. By designating a calendar specifically for work-related tasks, you’ll minimize the stress of balancing a busy schedule while keeping your desk neat and organized. 

2. Remove Distractions 

When creating a productive work-from-home office, removing any distractions is one of the most important ways to stay focused throughout the day. By reducing cell phone use, keeping your door closed to minimize background noise, and turning off unnecessary email notifications, you’re less likely to lose focus on the important tasks at hand. 

If you find yourself getting bored or uncomfortable with your office set-up throughout the day, we recommend investing in a desk with an adjustable height. With our Electric Sit or Stand Desk, you’ll combat restless legs and relieve yourself from uncomfortable sitting positions. Complete with electric motor technology and a programmable display panel, this customizable desk allows you to rotate your sitting and standing time as you please. 

 3. Updating Your Office Lighting 

 In order to create a professional, office-like workspace at home, you’ll want to consider upgrading your current lighting fixtures. Whether you plan to spice up your office with a few wall sconces or invest in a decorative desk lamp, adding additional lighting fixtures to your workspace is guaranteed to produce a more productive environment, especially in spaces with minimal natural light. Not to mention, these lighting upgrades are the key to a better video call set-up, providing you with a well-lit and professional appearance. 

With luxury lighting fixtures from Hanover, you’ll enjoy high-quality pieces fit for any decorating style. Whether you’re in search of ceiling fixtures, floor and desk lamps, or wall sconces, Hanover delivers top-of-the-line lighting pieces that will become the focal point of any room. Peruse the variety of lighting collections here. 4. Investing in a Comfortable Desk Chair While working at your desk for hours at a time, it’s essential to ensure that your desk chair is providing maximum comfort. In order to minimize back pain throughout your work day, we recommend investing in an ergonomic chair for optimal comfort and efficiency. Complete with adjustable seating and dense foam padding, ergonomic chairs from Hanover allow you to sit back comfortably while your reflexes remain sharp for hours at a time. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these chairs provide you with the most control when customizing your comfort. Not to mention, if you’re an avid gamer in your free time, these ergonomic chairs are the key to creating a comfortable gaming experience. 

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5. Keeping Your Workspace Separate From Your Living Space 

When maintaining a productive work-from-home lifestyle, you’ll want to ensure that your workspace is separate from your living area. Not only does this separation minimize distractions throughout the day, but it provides you with a space designated only for work-related tasks. No matter the size of your space, it’s important to create a professional and productive area within your home. 

That being said, don’t be afraid to personalize your work-from-home space! Whether you plan to add a small vase of flowers or a decorative photo on your desk, it’s essential to add a few touches to bring you joy throughout your workday. 

We hope some of these tips on maintaining a productive work-from-home office will help you create the best place for you to focus, stay productive, all while enjoying your space and minimizing any additional stress. We wish you the best of luck in sprucing up your workspace!