Furniture plays a key role in the construction or purchase of a new home. Everything that you put inside your house represents your personal style and taste. Therefore, we all strive to make our homes look as edgy and classy as possible. Because of this, mid-range furniture companies have played a crucial role in the modern furniture trends adopted by home owners. Following are just some of the trends to look out for in 2017.


Cork, an elegant and classy material that adds warmth and texture to homes, is ideal for absorbing noise in large spaces. It is mainly used in coffee table bases or as solid cork stools or side tables. With a heavy authentic look, cork remains an excellent choice for homeowners with exceptional taste.

Dark Green Theme

Moving with the latest furniture trends, the color of the year is dark green, commonly called flora and fauna in interior design circles. With this in mind, homeowners desiring to undertake this theme may opt for wooden furniture such as an oak dining table. Add a unique taste to your home with fluffy floral cushions designed as woodland creatures.

Metallic Mixing

Truly, this theme in interior design presents a unique style and vibe. Designers recommend playing around with mixed metals and mirrors. Bronze sundial mirrors really make a statement when added to walls. However, due to the heaviness of bronze, it becomes a necessity to balance color. Designers recommend choosing accents to lighten the setting.

Natural Look

Opting for natural textured furniture is a measure in keeping up with the latest trends. From the textured wall of stone to textured wooden wall art, you are spoilt for choice. The circle dining table made of raw natural teak can give your home a natural theme and beautiful scenery. Smaller accessories may include a white feather lamp and some natural marble coasters. For softer textures, designers recommend a rug made of cotton and wool to provide extra softness.

Vintage Looks Made Modern

Recreation of historical pieces is still in high demand in design circles. It brings out a classic and edgy style in furniture. Indeed, this theme has gained popularity over the years for homeowners who appreciate origin and authenticity. The 1950's office chair inspired by Pierre Jeanneret is an excellent example of a vintage look with a modern appearance. Interior designers continue to bring back traditional designs, spicing them up with contemporary culture to obtain classic and stylish furniture.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones get inspiration from metals, space, and clouds. One designer states that metallic Lucite and Opal will add a dash of sparkle and interest to your home. X-ray materials and transparent fabrics and silks can create a light and flexible element to this trend.


Finally, escapism is a modern trend that designers have adopted. As technology continues to advance, people spend much of their time in front of a computer or on smartphones. A great desire to create spaces without digital distractions has emerged. Relaxed furniture materials build a calm environment that people can escape to. Comfortable furniture materials, such as deep sofas, large love seats, day beds, chunky wool rugs, and floor cushions, are just some of the materials designers recommend.

Other furniture trends may include fool-proof fabrics, art-inspired wallpapers, and repurposed pieces. With the ever-growing market, homeowners are always looking for the latest trends in furniture. A huge market demands stylish and classic pieces as owners are willing to pay for high quality. Mid-range furniture companies play a vital role in households and the construction industry. However, trends come and go, so designers recommend that clients look for something that suits their personal style and taste. As the new year progresses, create new beginnings by adopting stylish home decors.