Choosing comfortable and functional outdoor furniture can help to turn your drab backyard into an inviting entertaining space, but you can’t expect a lounge set, some tables, and umbrellas to do all the work of creating a pleasing outdoor oasis. You need to include some landscaping to complete your pretty picture.

What if you’ve already dropped some dough on high-end outdoor furniture, though? How do you choose landscaping that complements your furniture setup and transforms your yard into the welcoming outdoor living space you crave? Here are some DIY tips that will upgrade your yard, suit your furniture selection, and save you some money in the process.


Umbrellas that go with your outdoor furniture set can provide you with adequate shade, but you can also increase shade and enhance your exterior design in a variety of ways with landscaping. Perhaps the most common option is to plant trees.

The problem here is that saplings could take several years to grow and full-sized trees are too expensive and difficult to install on your own. While you’re waiting for small trees to grow large enough to provide you with shade, consider adding architectural elements like trellises, arbors, and pergolas. You can train fast-growing vines on them to create foliage that adds to the shade in your yard in no time.


If you want your backyard to become a beautiful sanctuary, new outdoor furnishings are a good place to start. However, you’re also going to want some privacy from neighbors as you lounge on your new couches and chairs and sip Mai Tais.

Again, you can plant trees that will eventually help to screen your yard, but planting appropriate shrubbery, as in tall bushes, will accomplish your goal even faster. Another good option is bamboo, which can grow to full height in as little as 3-5 years, with some species reaching 30 feet tall.

Secluded Retreats

Perhaps it’s not enough to block off your view of neighboring yards. Maybe you want a backyard sanctuary that has its own secluded nooks to help you escape from the demands of your daily life. With the right trees, bushes, and even elements like pergolas and water features you can create the secret garden that helps you to get away from the world for a little while.


Once you’ve got the basic framework of your landscaping in place with trees, bushes, and structural elements, it’s time to attend to the details with accent flora. This could be as simple as planting rosebushes along borders in order to add seasonal color to your landscape and create a beautiful and aromatic environment to enjoy as you lounge on your outdoor furniture.

You might go a step further, though, by including planters with a variety of flowers or taking the time to create islands featuring flora and fauna of different heights, density, and color. Accent landscaping can be as simple or complex as you like.


No matter what function you’re trying to fulfill with the landscaping you choose to accompany your outdoor furniture, it’s important to make sure that it fills the dual function of providing visual appeal. Aesthetics are important if you want to create a beautiful, personal outdoor space that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for years to come.