It used to be that fireplaces were a purely practical commodity in the home. They were the primary form of heating. These days things have changed.

Although most of us now rely on a furnace or boiler for heat, fireplaces are still desirable. They are just more of a luxury item that enhances the value of a home. As a result, they add to your decor. They also provide additional heat, and ambiance, as needed.

There is another option. An electric fireplace. They provide all the benefits of a fireplace in your home, without the actual hassle of having to light and manage a fire. Consequently, you will neither have to deal with the smoke and grime fireplaces create, nor the safety concerns. Electric fireplaces have options to suit any interior design.


Some people love the look of a traditional fireplace. You can achieve it with an electric fireplace if you choose the right model. You might like the Sienna Electric Fireplace. It comes in mahogany or teak. It features a mantel and columns flanking the fireplace. You’ll get the look of a traditional fireplace, without all the pesky ash and smoke.


Many home interiors these days feature a modern aesthetic, with clean, simple lines. They feature a little of the embellishments that characterize more traditional styles. It’s easy to find electric fireplaces that match this popular design sensibility.

The Seville Electric Fireplace comes in a variety of color choices . Choose from white, mahogany, teak, or cherrywood. They feature shelving on the sides (instead of columns). They also have a faux granite mantel, that’s deep enough to accommodate a flat screen TV. Alternatively, you might like the Sorrento Electric Fireplace that has a wooden mantel, and cabinets flanking the fireplace.

These modern styles add to the practicality of any home. They offer not only a focal point. They also ensure that modern amenities, like a television and media, work into the setup.


Many people assume that modern and contemporary designs are one and the same. This is not the case. Modern design is a style that existed in the first half of the 20th century. Because contemporary design encompasses whatever is trending now, it changes with the times.

If traditional and modern design styles don’t fit your home interior, there are options for electric fireplaces to suit your contemporary home. You may appreciate the Metropolitan 56-Inch Wall Mount Fireplace, with a Crystal Rock Display.

This contemporary model is low-profile, fitting flat to the wall. Furthermore, their shimmery crystal rock display is something you would never see in a traditional fireplace. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, you might prefer another model. The Callisto 30-Inch Wall Mount Fireplace has a Crystal Rock Display.

In conclusion, no matter what the characteristics of your particular home design, you will find a convenient and attractive electric fireplace to enhance your interior.