Arranging the most important room in your home is not rocket science, but art. Arranging your bedroom in a practical and appealing manner can make it easy to move through, without sacrificing your personal style. A little experimentation with your furniture can give your bedroom a stunning look. It does you no harm to be a little creative while arranging your bedroom, be it small or large. Now don’t scramble along your bedroom to find a spot for your furniture. With these simple tips, you can make your bedroom look magnificent.

Before buying furniture for your bedroom, you must first prepare a layout of how and where to place your furniture. What kind of furniture you require? This can be made simple by following these steps.

Measure Your Walls and Note Down Precise Measurements

Note where all of the wall outlets are located, as these spots will be where you keep the television, lamps, alarm clocks, and so on. Note also the number of windows and doors, and where they are in the room.

Decide On All The Furniture That You Require In Your Bedroom

Make sure they fit inside, before taking them in, as moving heavy furniture in and out of your bedroom may be difficult.

Give Special Attention To Your Exit Doors

Leave enough space to let them open completely. Don’t keep any furniture near the doors; that can act as a hindrance.

Make A List Of The Things That You Will Require In Your Bedroom

For example, watching television, reading, dressing up, and so on. Also, make a note of the number of people your bedroom will accommodate.

Choose Your Furniture According To The Size Of Your Bedroom

A large bed won’t look good in a tiny bedroom, and a small bed won’t look good in a big bedroom.

Let Your Bedroom Scream Your Name

Personalize your bedroom according to your style. Some people like modern designs, while others love minimalist designs. Some like their walls covered with photos, whereas others love keeping their walls plain. So arrange the furniture functionally, but keep it to your taste.

First things first, arranging your bed! It is the most important piece of furniture in the room, so placing it first helps you not to struggle with it at the last moment. Some common placements of bed are:

Place the bed opposite to the door, at the center of the wall. This helps your bed to be the focal point of the room. Or you can even place it along the longest wall of your bedroom. If your bedroom contains two windows on a single wall, place the window in between the windows. But don’t keep your bed directly under a window, because you may feel uncomfortable when it is left open during summer nights. Leave enough space around the bed for people to climb up and down from it. If your bed is meant for a couple, make sure you leave enough space on both the sides. If you have a small room, go for multiple purposes. Try using a storage bed to save space for the dresser. Or go for a bunk bed, with a desk beneath it.

Next comes the dresser, the second most important thing in your bedroom. Try placing your dresser directly opposite of the bed. If you love watching television, then place your TV above it so that the dresser, being directly opposite to your bed, saves your room for another TV table. But if you are a voracious reader and not a TV enthusiast, then transform your dresser into a bookshelf. If you are running out of space, then you may consider keeping the dresser under a window. Or if your closet has enough space, you can even place the dresser inside the closet.

Nightstands play an exceptional role in all our bedrooms. They hold everything from your alarm clock to a glass of water. Your nightstand should come up to the height of your bed, because all things that you need easy access to while in bed is usually placed on the nightstand. You can choose the nightstand based on your taste, as they come in all different colors and shapes. But make sure you choose one according to your requirements. Maybe you need a nightstand with drawers, or maybe you need just a tabletop.

After placing all of the basic furniture, go for the extras. You can add a computer desk with a chair, if you are studious. It will probably fit in a corner. If you have extra room, go for an ottoman or an armchair for extra seating. Place a vanity mirror, if you have more space otherwise go for a wall mirror. Personalize your room using bookshelves, photos, and a stool for that extra touch.

Lastly, use only necessary furniture. Don’t load your bedroom with all the furniture that you can get your hands on. This helps your smaller bedrooms look larger.