For most homeowners, creating an inviting yard space is definitely on the list of home improvements, but often it doesn’t rank as high as other upgrades like kitchens and bathrooms. Lately, however, many homeowners have come to see the potential for increasing their livable square footage via outdoor living spaces.

You’ll find this is beneficial not only for your family, but also for the purposes of entertaining. When you host parties, having beautiful, comfortable, and inviting outdoor spaces, complete with suitable patio furniture, can make a world of difference.

Here are just a few notable ways in which upgrading your outdoor furniture can improve any gathering, from kids’ birthday parties, to summer BBQs, to formal adult soirees.

Increase Entertaining Space

Whether your home is small or large, packing it full of people could lead to bumping and jostling that causes your guests to complain. What you need is more entertaining space, and your backyard could provide ample accommodation.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply shove everyone out the door. If you thought guests were complaining about being cramped indoors, just wait until you force them to stand around outside with plates and drinks.

What you need is to outfit your yard so that it’s fit to entertain. With the right outdoor furniture guests will have plenty of options for seating, eating, and socializing and you’ll no longer have to try to cram everyone into the limited common areas of your home’s interior.

Add Comfortable Seating

Your living room probably sports a couch and maybe a loveseat and a couple of chairs. You may also have a dining room with seating and perhaps a bar with stools. So you could seat, what, maybe a dozen people indoors comfortably?

If you’re throwing a party, this could leave many guests standing, even if you bring in a few random chairs or benches from other rooms in the house. By upgrading outdoor furnishings, you could significantly increase available seating and ensure that all of your guests are comfortable during your parties.

Beat the Heat

When the inside of your house is sweltering, your first inclination might be to crank up the AC, but this can get pretty costly, especially with a bunch of bodies in the house raising the interior temperature. As an alternative, it might be nice to enjoy the cool evening breezes.

Summer parties practically beg to partake of the good weather. You can host BBQs, picnics, and pool parties (if you have a backyard pool), as well as allow kids to run around, play sports, and have unfettered fun that would only mess up the house.

What you don’t necessarily want is for all of your guests to have to eat standing up. By upgrading to beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture, including lounges, chairs, tables, umbrellas, and more you can provide your guests with outdoor accommodations that make the yard more appealing.

It doesn’t hurt that you’ll save some dough on your AC costs in the meantime, and everyone will get to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that only nature can provide.