Of course, it will require some planning, effort, and probably expense on your part. However, you’ll get to enjoy the ambiance you create while you’re in your home, and having a beautiful outdoor space when you decide to sell your home can only help to make your property more attractive to buyers. Here are just a few ways to create the outdoor sanctuary you crave.

Creative Paving

You’ve probably seen a variety of pavers used for patios and pathways, and you can definitely employ pavers for this purpose. These products are an excellent means of defining spaces within your yard and creating functional walkways.

However, you can also find tons of creative uses for pavers, such as lining water features, adding hidden storage, or building planter boxes or even garden terraces on slopes. You can also create patterns with pavers in a variety of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes to add artistic flair to any project.

Privacy Screen

Whether you install tall fencing or you plant bushes, trees, or a bamboo forest along your property line, creating an intimate atmosphere requires you to shut out the noises of neighbors and traffic, as well as block prying eyes.

Plant Variety

Ideally, you should include a wide variety of plants and planting zones in your yard. This means adding color, texture, and height with grasses, ground cover, shrubbery, flowers, trees, and so on, not to mention selecting plants that will bloom at different times of year.

If your yard is fairly plain, you can also create visual interest and appeal by creating artificial zones, adding islands of soil for topographical variation. The best way to plan this may be to download some free design software or simply hire a professional landscaper.


Park-like lampposts, solar walkway lighting, and string lights spanning your overhead space can all help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. However, if you want to take warmth and charm to the next level, consider installing a fire pit or outdoor fireplace for added ambiance and utility.

Comfy Furniture

Landscaping design can go a long way toward creating a beautiful outdoor space, but the best way for you, your family, and guests to enjoy your yard is with comfy patio furniture, including lounges, benches, chairs, swings, hammocks, and even covered daybeds. Don’t forget tables for eating and entertaining purposes, as well as umbrellas so you can use your yard day or night.