Some backyards start out pretty bland, with little more than a dirt lot or a swath of grass surrounded by fencing. While first-time home buyers are just glad to have a piece of Earth to call their own, the truth is that we’d all rather have a beautiful, private outdoor retreat to enjoy than a humdrum, empty lot.

The good news is that proper use of flora, building materials, and luxury outdoor furniture can help you to turn your boring backyard into the natural and inviting exterior haven you long for. Here are a few ways to add color, texture, and visual interest to your outdoor spaces.


Before you decide where you want to situate your outdoor sectional, it may be wise to consider how you want to design the landscaping. It’s easy to add tons of color, texture, and even features like shade and pleasing scents through landscape design.

If you’re not confident in your abilities to create the Zen atmosphere you want with your limited knowledge of landscaping and 3D design software to help you out, consider hiring a professional landscaper to give you a hand.


There is no end to the creative ways you can use pavers to add color, texture, and functionality to your outdoor living space. Laying out a pattern of different shapes and colors of pavers could create the perfect patio space for your outdoor table and chairs.

You could also use pavers to terrace a hillside or to create planter boxes along the perimeter of your yard or as a way to break up the space. With so many materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, you could do almost anything with pavers in your yard.


Aside from the shed that holds your mower and gardening tools, you might want to add other structures to your outdoor space, such as a gazebo, a pergola, or even a large piece of modern outdoor furniture like a massive day bed. All could enhance the aesthetic and the use value of your space.

Furniture and Extras

Once you’ve got the landscape and hardscape in place, it’s time to think about decorations. Outdoor furnishings for comfortable lounging are a must, but you might also want to include pleasing and useful extras like an outdoor fireplace, water features, hidden speakers, mood lighting, and even an entertainment center.

With more options than ever to turn your backyard into a usable living space, you can now get the same enjoyment from your outdoor rooms as the ones inside your home.