Many homeowners enjoy having an outdoor grill.  It allows them to beat the heat in the kitchen during the summer and cook in the cool evening breezes. Whether you maximize your time outdoors until the first frost strikes or you live in a region that has temperate climes year-round, you may decide to install an outdoor kitchen setup to take full advantage of outdoor entertaining.

This will, of course, require you to rethink your seating arrangements. You may only have to accommodate your own family.  However, if you frequently host gatherings with additional guests, extra seating is a must. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect seating to complement your outdoor kitchen.

Bar Seating

You might not think that bar stools fall under the category of luxury outdoor furniture.  Of course you want your family and friends to enjoy comfortable seating while they eat.  Spend some time comparison shopping to find appropriate bar stools for your outdoor counter space. It might surprise you to learn that chairs for the bar area can provide both comfort and utility.

Finding the perfect bar stools will help you to optimize your outdoor kitchen space.  They will also help you interact with family and friends while you cook and provide comfortable seating no matter where people end up stationing themselves in your outdoor space. Plus, if you add bar or bistro tables, taller seating could seamlessly shift between the bar and tables.

Dining Set

With your outdoor kitchen complete, you’ll want to select the Hanover outdoor furniture that will allow you to take full advantage of new entertaining abilities. This begins with an appropriate outdoor table and chairs.

At the very least you’ll want a dining set large enough to accommodate family members.  You can opt for a traditional style of table and chairs or you may lean toward a picnic style setup with benches to squeeze in more people. If you often cook for a crowd of family and friends, a larger table, or more likely, additional tables and chairs are a wise investment.

Lounge Furniture

Many families are perfectly content to leave the indoor dining room for formal occasions and plop down on couches to watch TV during dinner. There’s no reason you can’t carry over this laid-back aesthetic to your outdoor living spaces.

Instead of a dining setup, you might want to purchase a comfy outdoor sectional and accent tables to make your family and guests feel at ease.  Let everyone be comfortable, whether they’re lounging around or dining on the tasty treats you create in your outdoor kitchen.