Memorial Day Relaxation Tips

Memorial Day is just around the corner, so it’s finally time to prepare for a summer of beautiful weather! By ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating Memorial Day weekend this year, you’ll kick off your summer by resetting yourself and your energy.

For a luxurious holiday experience, follow our best tips for a relaxing Memorial Day. Let’s begin!

1. Spend Time Outside

Memorial Day is observed at the end of May, which makes this holiday the perfect opportunity to spend some time in the sun. While many Americans love taking trips to the beach for a celebratory weekend, others might prefer to enjoy a relaxing at-home experience.

If you’re looking for a luxurious way to spice up your backyard, you’ll want to consider investing in a garden fountain. This functional piece will certainly become the focal point of your outdoor space, while providing you with maximum relaxation! Along with the fountain’s stunning exterior, there are a variety of psychological benefits to spending time near water. As a form of white noise to block out distracting outdoor commotion, the sounds of water have been traditionally used for meditation, allowing listeners to center their minds and remove negative thoughts.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of water and meditation, take a look at this article.

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2. Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space

When curating the perfect Memorial Day weekend experience, it’s important to create a comfortable outdoor space for yourself and guests. Whether you plan to host an outdoor gathering or spend the weekend relaxing, you’ll want to prioritize the comfort of your outdoor area.

With the Hanover Ventura Luxury Recliner, you’ll enjoy an excellent blend of comfort and style. Ideal for patios and porches, this woven chair guarantees a relaxing outdoor experience, complete with a convenient reclining mechanism and extra-thick seat cushions. Not to mention, the stylish accent pillow adds an elegant blend of color to enhance the appearance of your existing décor. Whether you’re looking for a few small additions to your patio or you plan to revamp your outdoor seating entirely, the Ventura Collection from Hanover is the perfect way to maximize your relaxation this summer.

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3. Plant a Garden of Calming Flowers

Planting a vibrant flower garden is an excellent way to enjoy some time to yourself. In fact, there are many flowers and plants that boost your relaxation, providing you with a rejuvenating gardening experience that will add a touch of color to your outdoor space. If you’re looking for flower suggestions, we recommend planting chives to aid with sleep and memory retention, fennel for immune health, and chamomile to calm nerves and anxiety. For a full list of relaxing flowers and their benefits, enjoy this article.

For a stress-free gardening experience this Memorial Day, we suggest investing in a raised garden bed. With the Square Raised Garden Bed from Hanover, you’ll enjoy the relaxing gardening experience without the hassle of kneeling, bending, or straining your back. Equipped with an open base, this garden bed provides efficient soil drainage to support flower growth all season long.

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4. Create a Summer-Themed Playlist

When planning a rejuvenating Memorial Day weekend experience, you’ll want to curate a playlist filled with relaxing, enjoyable songs. Whether you plan to spend the holiday alone or entertaining friends and family, it’s essential to create a list of calming songs to listen to throughout the weekend.

In order to create the best playlist possible, we recommend keeping a cohesive mood throughout your song choices, and even collaborating with friends to expand your music taste.


This Memorial Day, it’s important to prioritize your comfort and relaxation. With these helpful tips, we’re certain that you’ll kick off your summer with a rejuvenating, comfortable experience.

Happy relaxation!