5 Gifts That Are Sure to WOW Mom This Weekend!

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and with the current situation of being at home, it is hard to get to the stores and go shopping. While most moms will claim that they don’t want anything this year or “don’t spend your money” we are looking to give mom the best mother’s day possible whether we are near or far! Normally mother’s day in our houses consists of taking mom to brunch or gifting her with a trip to the salon or spa. With limited access to dining, we are looking to switch up our gifts this year with experiences around the house or in the yard! With about a week left, we are arming you with gift ideas that are attainable given our current at home status! So what can we get mom that will truly wow her? May is the perfect time of year to start thinking of outdoor summer activities or events even if that just means redecorating the back yard. These five ideas will help you shower mom with love without leaving the confines of your home!

Bring the spa to the home

    Even though we have all been home for a few weeks already, sometimes it is nice to treat mom to a lounge day where she can just relax. We are all about bringing the spa to mom this may. Amazon and many other websites have tons of Spa items that will not break the bank but show mom that you want her to sit back and relax. Adding Face masks and slippers along with comfy pajamas will really give mom a taste of the spa without leaving the house. Adding a book or her favorite wine will add a nice touch that will give her the R & R she deserves!

Cook an amazing brunch for mom

Let’s give mom a break from cooking this weekend with a special brunch just for her! Some moms are really looking to spend time together for mother’s day rather than focus on a gift. If this is your mom, why not throw her a breakfast brunch with the family that will wow her! Start the day off with mom with mimosas and her favorite breakfast food! Set the dinner table up with flowers and get dressed up and pretend you are taking mom out to breakfast to celebrate her special day. For awesome brunch recipes and ideas, see this link! 

Give mom the perfect garden essentials!

This is the perfect time of year to focus on being outside and spending time with Mom. Garden season is in full swing. Garden centers stock their inventory at the end of April in preparation for mother’s day. Why not swing by (safely) and pick up a few plants or succulents for mom to add to the patio or backyard. If mom is a gardener, May is the perfect time to start fruit and vegetable seedlings to prep for summer. The best part about a garden gift is that you can create future memories planting with mom throughout the summer. This is the best time to start a vegetable garden since we are all going to be home to tend to them! Gifting seed packets with pots and garden tools or gloves will really get mom excited to get outside and create an oasis backyard.  If mom is a super Gardner, chip in with your siblings or kids and get mom a greenhouse to store all of her plants and really elevate her garden décor.

Outdoor lounge gift basket

If mom isn’t a Gardner but loves to spend time outside, why not gift her with a piece for her patio to enjoy all summer long? Whether she wants to lounge by the pool in a lounge chair or a bar cart to entertain family and friends.  If mom loves the pool, why not gift mom with a pool lounge gift basket including a pool float, drink float, magazines, beach towels, and a sun hat to treat her to some sun and shade outside! If you are chipping in with siblings, why not gift mom a lounge chair to read away on!

Book Lovers

For all the book lovers out there, mom will love a book gift pack to treat her to some quality reading time to decompress. If mom is a reader and is running low on books, why re-stock mom with reading to last her for the summer? With many online sites shipping quick for mother’s day, you can add a bunch of books to the cart or even stop at a local store for pickup orders. If mom is more of an e-reader, check out her app or load on a gift card so she can download some new books to get her through the quarantine!