Thanksgiving is looking a lot different than we would have imagined for this year. While most families and friends try to gather together and have a nice dinner, it is looking as though most will be staying in their own homes. With Thanksgiving a week away, we want to give you tips and tricks to go ALL OUT this year for your mini parties! Whether you are dining outside or inside this year, prep your space to bring on the festive cheer! (Worse case, it will make one heck of a zoom background for Virtual Events) . 

 Create a Festive Fall Charcuterie Board
 Even if you are hosting small this year, you can still really wow your family with festive food to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Making a Charcuterie board is a picture-perfect way to celebrate thanksgiving without having to go to all of the trouble of making a big meal. Baked Brie, Pumpkin Pie bites, Hummus and Pita are all great options to add to an appetizer platter. Layer with extra crackers/almonds or resins for extra snacking! After assembling all of your apps together, Throw on a Wood or marbled plate to add an extra touch. Check out Delish's awesome recipe for a Fall twist on Baked Brie! 
Making a custom drink to match the occasion is another sure way to have your guests talking about the party even after they go home! 

Apple Cider Mules: 
1. Ginger Beer 
2. 4oz vodka 
3. Apple Cider 
4. Sliced Apple & Cinnamon Stick for Garnish 

Fill 2/3 of the mule mug with Cider/Vodka Mix. Top off with Ginger Beer. Stir & garnish with Apple slices and Cinnamon Sticks. 

 Dining Indoors? Bring out the Linens for the table! 
      Just because the extended family can't come to celebrate this year doesn’t mean you can't set the table up to enhance the meal! Adding a tablecloth, linens, and a centerpiece to elevate the experience. With decorative pinecones/Acorns, and a Fall Candle, you can set up a Harvest dinner without breaking the bank! 
 1. Add A Table Runner (We LOVE Buffalo Check) to go with all of your fall/Christmas décor 
 2. Start with your Charger Plates and stack with a Dinner plate and Salad plate or bowl 
 3. Add your Centerpiece (Could be a candle or something small... Even the food for the meal can serve as a centerpiece!) 
 4. Light the candle 1 hour before guests arrive so the whole room smells festive 3. 

No room inside? Take the party outside 
 If you have family coming for a causal Thanksgiving pop-over, gather around the fire pit to stay warm! Drive-by holiday events and parties are becoming more and more popular since most are not comfortable hosting indoors. Bring out the outdoor furniture and get a Firepit going to welcome your guests in style. Adding A Hot Chocolate bar or Cider station will make guests feel warm and cozy as they stop by. Firepits and heaters will exented the gathering so that guests are cozy. Shop Fire Pits here: