Do you live where the sun always shines or do you reside in an area that requires frequent shoveling? Maybe your home is in a rainy location, but you have a vacation spot near the shore. When picking out new outdoor furnishings, it is important to consider your environment before making your final decision. If you aren’t sure what materials are best for your location, keep reading to find out more.

Rust-Free Aluminum

Rust-free aluminum is a versatile material that is perfect for almost any location. Often, those who live near the ocean tend to see rust on their outdoor furniture. Aluminum is a great option for these individuals, or for anyone who lives in a rainy or snowy location. The material is naturally rust free, as it forms a protective oxide layer when it is exposed to the elements.

Aluminum is also great for dry, dusty locations, because it doesn’t require any special treatment when cleaning. A simply spray with a garden hose will do the trick to keep your outdoor furniture looking shiny and new. So, no matter what weather conditions you may experience at your home, naturally rust-free aluminum outdoor furniture will hold up nicely.

Additionally, aluminum furniture is also lightweight, so it can be easily arranged and re-arranged into different configurations based upon your needs. You can effortlessly shift your chair with the direction of the sun to catch a few extra rays!


Just like aluminum, steel patio furniture is also resistant to many types of weather conditions. Steel is also rust-resistant, but will require a bit more work than aluminum to keep it looking its best. However, it is still a relatively low maintenance choice when it comes to outdoor furniture, simple soap and water should do the trick.

Steel is a great choice for those who will be getting a lot of use out of their outdoor furniture. Though it is heavier than aluminum, it is extremely durable and less likely to dent and ding with use or extreme weather. If you still want to have some level of mobility in your outdoor space, many steel chairs swivel or slide.


Wicker furniture provides your outdoor space with a classic, attractive look. Though it is stylish, wicker can also be quite durable, especially when properly designed and constructed. Wicker is a perfect choice for warm, dry locations, because it will not heat up in the sun like some metal options.

If you live in a damp area, be aware that your wicker furniture may require a bit more cleaning than simple aluminum. That being said, a quick scrub with mild soap or wood cleaner should be enough to resist mildew.

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