Best Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Furniture Styles

You’re probably familiar with the popular ‘modern farmhouse’ decorating style, but have you considered moving this trend outdoors? This classic, rustic design has endless options for customization, making it the perfect aesthetic for any outdoor space.

If you’re interested in learning about the best modern farmhouse styles for outdoor furniture and decorating, look no further! Here are the latest modern farmhouse trends to help you spice up your outdoor space this summer.

Create a Natural Color Palette (With Accent Colors)

As a perfect blend of natural elements and contemporary design, the farmhouse aesthetic uses a combination of earth tones and accent colors to create a unique color palette. Most modern farmhouse designers utilize wooden textures throughout the space, complemented with whites, browns, blacks, and accents of bright colors, like blues or greens.

When choosing the perfect outdoor furniture to complete your modern farmhouse design, we recommend sticking to natural tones for your larger pieces, like dining tables and chairs, and accessorizing with pops of color, like vibrant seat cushions or accent pillows. This allows you to play around with new accessories and decorative pieces throughout the year, without altering the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Use a Mix of Natural and Metallic Textures

As the most noticeable element of a modern farmhouse design, a blend of natural and metallic textures is essential throughout your outdoor space. By combining natural elements with modern, industrial materials, you’ll achieve an outdoor design that is both classic and contemporary.

For the perfect outdoor dining set, take a look at the Traditions 9-Piece Dining Set from Hanover. Complete with eight swivel rockers and a grouted tile tabletop, the sleek set adds a chic and classic touch to your outdoor oasis. The large dining table offers a generous amount of space for seating guests and provides a natural alternative to indoor entertaining. With a beautiful bronze finish, the cushioned swivels are constructed with wicker-textured backs and premium outdoor fabric, delivering many years of enjoyment. Not to mention, the seat cushions are available in blue, autumn berry, and natural oat, adding a perfect pop of color to your space.

For full details and specifications, take a look at the Traditions 9-Piece Dining Set here.

Don’t Forget the Lighting Fixtures!

Along with a unique color palette, you’ll want to give your lighting fixtures some attention when designing an outdoor space. If you’re looking for lighting suggestions, we recommend incorporating string lights into your outdoor design, as they transform your patio into a comfortable environment that is ideal for evening entertaining.

For a few smaller additions to your patio lighting, you’ll want to consider investing in small lanterns to place on your dining table. With a metallic finish, these lanterns will add a chic and affordable touch to your farmhouse aesthetic, while providing extra light during late night gatherings. Also, these lanterns are great daytime accessories throughout the summer and fall!

If you’re looking for an alternative way to bring some light to your patio, we suggest investing in an outdoor fire pit as a rustic addition to your backyard. For a modern farmhouse design, you’ll want to consider a fire pit with an aluminum-cast top, like the Traditions 26-In. Square Fire Pit from Hanover, as it pairs nicely with natural, earthy textures. Designed for year-round use, this unit is hand-crafted with a golden-bronze finish to easily blend in with your other farmhouse-styled décor. Perfect for backyard entertaining, this fire pit is a trendy accessory for any rustic patio.

Take a look at the Traditions 26-In. Square Fire Pit here.

Statement Rugs Are a Must-Have

When it comes to current modern farmhouse trends, statement rugs are at the top of the list. Not only are these rugs an excellent way to add a pop of color to your patio, but they also allow you to customize the popular farmhouse aesthetic to fit your personal style. 

With outdoor rugs from Hanover, you’ll easily add color and personality to your living space. Machine-spun with UV-protected yarns, these high-quality pieces provide the comfort of an indoor rug while staying durable in outdoor conditions. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, outdoor rugs from Hanover are a trendy way to customize your patio.

For a modern farmhouse style, we suggest the Tropical Palm Leaf Rug, as it provides an excellent touch of blue to your design. Take a look at the full details here.

Invest in a Console Table

When decorating your outdoor space, it’s important to incorporate adequate storage throughout your area. With a console table, you’ll enjoy storage and display space for extra utensils for guests, potted plants for decoration, and much more.

Crafted with a bronze finish, the Traditions Cast Aluminum Console Table from Hanover is the perfect farmhouse-style accessory. With two shelves for storage, the durable frame naturally resists rust and corrosion for years of outdoor use. Whether you are adding to your existing patio set or beginning your furniture collection, this console table is a functional and enjoyable investment for your patio. hanover console table

Take a look at the Traditions Cast Aluminum Console Table here.


As we enter a summer of outdoor entertaining, we wish you an exciting decorating process as you transform your patio into a modern farmhouse oasis. Whether you choose to experiment with a blend of natural and industrial textures, invest in a beautiful statement pieces, or customize your outdoor area with rustic lighting fixtures, we’re certain that you’ll achieve a comfortable entertaining space filled with the latest trends.