If you have already ordered new outdoor furniture, or will be in the market to do so, make sure that your deck or patio are looking as good as your new furnishings will.  Below, you will find a list of fun and gorgeous ways to update your outdoor space without hiring a professional!


Pavers are a cheap and easy way to upgrade any backyard into your own private oasis. Not only are they durable and functional, they are also easy to maintain. To start, dig a space about 6 inches deep, below the vegetation line, in the chosen layout of your patio. Remember, it doesn’t have to be square or rectangular, you can easily add curved or asymmetrical design elements. Use a compactor to ensure that your surface is flat and compressed. Just make sure that you grade the surface away from your home to allow for water drainage.

Next, lay a sheet of landscaping tarp to make sure that weeds don’t creed up in between the cracks. Once you have laid your pavers in your designated design, be sure to create a solid threshold using metal or vinyl edging. Feel free to get creative with your shapes, colors, and designs. Pack in sand between the pavers to make sure they don’t shift over time; this will also help with drainage. Now, all that’s left is to lay out your new furniture on top of your fresh patio.

Painting and Staining

If you have an existing deck, or have just built a new one, there are a plethora of different paint and stain choices. Not only will paint or stain create a gorgeous look, it will also help seal and protect your decking in the future.

If you choose to paint your deck, pick a high quality water based latex paint. These are more desirable than oil based paints because they withstand the elements better. Cleaning and priming the wood before you begin painting will also help with the durability of your decking.

If you are feeling bold, choose a bright, fun paint color for your deck. You can also paint the illusion of a rectangular rug below your patio furniture, using painters’ tape. For smaller areas, you can even use bold stripes by painting every other deck slat the same color. If you love a particular design, such as a geometric look (or something more abstract) feel free to get creative, it’s your space, after all! Many of these techniques can also be replicated more subtly using different color stains.

Once you have completed your fancy new deck or patio project, decorate your space with beautiful Hanover outdoor furniture. Our comfortable, yet durable designs come in a wide selection of styles. Check out our catalog today for more information.