Our Top Gift Selections for the Family in 2020

2020 has been quite the year! It is so hard to think of gift options for the family when you are all at home and cannot travel and go out as normal. To keep it interesting this year- we have our top selections on Giftable items to wow the family this Christmas! Whether you want to go out and shop or stay home and order online, we got you covered!

Focus on Indoor activities

Staying indoors away from the crowds is the top goal to stay healthy this winter, so why not look for fun indoor activities to do as a family. Making a Board game basket or a movie night basket will create long-lasting memories that will continue past the holidays. Head to a local toy store or target to put together a bag or basket filled with snacks and games to create the perfect night in! 

Book Lovers

For all the book lovers out there, how about a book gift basket for some quality reading time to decompress. With E-book options, you don’t even have to leave the house to gift the perfect cozy day in!  Want to get out of the house? Check out a local book store to get custom recommendations on books based on reading interest. For paperback readers, check out Book Beau for book holders for when your reader is on the go and wants to protect their book. https://bookbeau.com/



Stay at Home Spa weekend

Treat your family to a relaxing spa weekend with Face Masks, Slippers, and healthy snacks to decompress and snuggle up this winter. Miss Spa has tons of at-home spa options that are the perfect gift option to make a large basket or send to a friend. Head to this link to view more https://miss-spa.com/


The Food Lover

For all of the food lovers out there, this is the best time of year to grab baking treats and goodies from local food stores and markets. Trader Joes has tons of giftable food items around the holidays that will make quarantine-snacking so much more fun! Don’t live near your loved ones? Why not send your family a gift basket from an online website? There are tons of companies who specialize in holiday gift baskets that will deliver wrapped to your loved ones front door. Check out https://www.harryanddavid.com/h/gift-baskets-tower-boxes to see food gift custom baskets.


Shop Local:

Check out a local store or vendor to help out a small business this year. Local Book Stores, plant shops, and décor shops are the perfect place to stop in to grab a quick gift for a friend or family. Etsy is a great place to shop local or handmade gifts to put under the tree this year.