3 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home 

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way! 

While you’re likely staying home this holiday, there are many festive ways to transform your home into a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day. In addition to roses and boxes of chocolates, we have a few tips and tricks to ensure that you have a special evening in the comfort of your home. 

Create Romantic Living Room Ambiance

If you’re looking to invest in a useful addition to your living space, an electric fireplace is your ideal match. An electric fireplace adds a warmth and dramatic flair to your place, providing a perfect romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. 

With electric fireplaces from Hanover, you’ll enjoy high-quality fireplaces with a variety of heat settings. Whether you’d prefer a freestanding fireplace or a wall-mounted piece, you’ll adore the convenience of a remote-controlled electric fireplace. And if you live in a warmer climate or plan to utilize your fireplace all year round - not to worry! Our flames can operate without heat, providing you with year-long ambience. 
electric fireplace - wall mount

In addition to your fireplace, you’ll want to consider making some additions to your living room lighting. For the perfect Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to consider minimal lighting in order to achieve a romantic atmosphere. With table lamps and wall lighting options from Hanover, you’ll have no trouble finding the ideal mood lighting for your living space. 

Create The Right Kitchen and Dining Room Ambiance 

While it’s likely that most of us are spending Valentine’s Day at home this year, there are still many ways to spice up your kitchen and dining room for this special occasion. First and foremost, it’s important to create a charming ambience at the dinner table. Whether you plan to order food from your favorite restaurant or cook a homemade recipe, we recommend decorating your table with a variety of candles for dim, romantic lighting. 

If you’re still looking for inspiration, take a look at an in-depth article with our favorite dessert recipes for Valentine’s Day from our friends at Fraser Hill Farm. If you’re looking for a larger improvement to your dining room, you’ll want to consider a new table and chairs. With dining room sets from Hanover, you’ll enjoy a luxurious dining experience in the comfort of your own home. Tailored to your style and aesthetic, Hanover delivers high-quality furniture that you’ll adore for years to come. 

Spice Up Your Bedroom 

When creating a bedroom ambience this Valentine’s Day, it’s essential to create a charming atmosphere with your lighting. For effective mood lighting this holiday, we recommend utilizing a few dim lighting fixtures in order to make your bedroom feel special. If you’re in search of a larger change to your bedroom this Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to consider a wall-mounted electric fireplace. With a slimmer appearance than traditional living room fireplaces, our collection from Hanover delivers adjustable colors settings, perfect for a Valentine’s Day aesthetic. 

With the appearance of a real fireplace, these pieces are an excellent investment for year-round use. Take a look at our wall-mounted fireplaces here. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our romantic ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day at home. Even though this year may have fewer options for going out to dinner, there are a variety of special ways to make this holiday quite memorable with your partner at home. Happy Valentine’s Day!